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The Premiership Football Trophy
The Premiership Football Trophy

The English Premiership Football Trophy is made from sterling silver along with silver gilt and green malachite bands to form the plinth base. The current Premier League football trophy is designed by Royal Jewellers Asprey of London.

The plinth weighs 15kg (33 pounds) and the trophy itself weighs 10 kg (22 pounds). The trophy and plinth are 76 cm (30 in) tall, 43 cm (17 in) wide and 25 (9.8 in) deep.

Champions League Football Trophies
The Champions League Football Trophy

Since it’s formation in 1955 it’s a competition that unites the country. The Champions League is a trophy where teams from all across Europe compete to see who the best is. You can only be entered into the Champions League if you finish in a certain place at the end of a league season (typically 1st – 4th).

We have a few similar style cups in our football cups section from £4.50 each.

FA Cup Football Trophies
The FA Cup Football Trophy

The FA Cup has always been a place where the underdogs can triumph. It’s a football tournament in which fans and players alike take their mind off the League to focus on. Often teams from lower divisions will pit their skills against some of the best players in the world. On so many occasions it has been proven that the underdogs can rise up and shock the country. The FA Cup football trophy was founded in 1871 with all the England teams entered into this competition. Once the final is reached, Wembley gears up to determine a winner.

The Scottish League Cup
The Scottish League Cup

The cup has its origins in a regional cup competition called the Southern League Cup which was introduced in 1940 when wartime restrictions led to a suspension of the Scottish Cup. This tournament was largely regional and did not involve all of the teams who comprised the Scottish Football League prior to the outbreak of war. The first official Scottish League Football Cup was contested during the 1946–47 season.

The Welsh Premier League Cup
The Welsh Premier League Cup

The competition was established in 1992 and is considered to be the second-most important domestic cup competition for Welsh football clubs, after the older and more prestigious Welsh Cup.

Probably one of the most ornate football trophies ever made.

The Northern Ireland Football League Cup
The Northern Ireland Football League Cup
The World’s Top Ten Football Trophies

Every year, the world’s greatest footballers compete in a host of prestigious events. So what silverware do the winners of the beautiful game’s biggest competitions receive? Here’s our guide to the top ten football trophies on offer across the globe.


  • UEFA Champions League Football Trophies
    The UEFA Champions League Trophy
    Fifth-time title holders or triple back-to-back winners of the UEFA Champions League get to keep the trophy, so the current version is the fifth to be made. Introduced in 1967, this 7.5kg silver award was designed by Jürg Stadelmann and took 340 hours to complete
  • UEFA European Football Championship Trophies
    The UEFA Championship Football Trophy
    Winners of the Euros take home the impressive-looking Henri Delaunay Football Trophy, named after UEFA’s first General Secretary. Remodelled for 2008, this 60cm tall, sterling silver award now has an enlarged base, while its built-in marble plinth has been removed.
  • The CAF African Cup of Nations Football Trophy
    The CAF African Cup of Nations
    The 2001 Italian-made gold-plated cup presented to the winners of the Africa Cup of Nations is the third of these football trophies to be used. The original, the Abdelaziz Abdallah Salem Trophy, was given to the first three-time winners Ghana in 1978. Cameroon kept the second version, the African Unity Cup in 2000.
  • The CONMEBOL Copa América Football Trophy
    The CONMEBOL Copa América
    Presented to the winners of the South American continental championships, the Copa América is a stunning piece of silverware. A donation from Argentina’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the South American Football Confederation in 1916, this urn-shaped trophy incorporates a wooden base.
  • The CONCACAF Gold Cup Football Trophy
    The CONCACAF Gold Cup
    With its curved base and angular handles, the gleaming new CONCACAF Gold Cup has real contemporary style. Made from gold-plated metal, it was introduced in 2013, but incorporates the names of previous North, Central American and Caribbean Confederation championship winners on its base.
  • FIFA Club World Cup Football Trophies
    The FIFA Club World Cup
    Boasting a contemporary design, the FIFA Club World Cup incorporates a range of materials, including copper, sterling silver and chrome. The work of British company, Thomas Fattorini Ltd, it includes a globe on six curved pillars, each representing one of the Confederations.

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